Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid

  • Saadaval kuni 600x600mm
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
  • Securo FB Ventilatsioonirestid
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FB Ventilatsioonirestid

  • Ventilatsiooniavade ventileerimiseks läbi tuletõkketsoonide sise-ja välisseintele
  • Tulekindlusklass EI30 ja EI60
  • FB Ventilatsioonirestid tagavad õhuvoolu läbi tuletõkketsoonide nii välis- kui siseseintes täites ranged tuleohutusnõuded.


Whenever a fire rated partition need to be vented, be it wall, floor, shafts, roofs, the conventional approach is to provide fire dampers and appropriate ductwork or redirect air transfer to avoid penetrating partition.
The latter is sometimes done by providing separate balanced ventilation system for each compartment.

Air transfer dampers applying mechanical or sustainable natural ventilation are often ruled out due to cost or complexity.
The FB Air Transfer Vent satisfies the need for adequate venting through fire rated exterior or interior walls without compromising with the strict requirements of a fire rated construction.
With its compact design the FB Air transfer Vent is easily adapted as the element can be inserted in most air transfer grilles application for boundless number of sizes and designs.
The vent assemblies fit in walls, floors, shafts and fire rated doors.

With FB Air Transfer Vent assemblies in place, there will be no flame penetration or no leaking of hot gases to the unexposed side of the assembly, instantly and throughout the fire rating period.

Product spesifications
FB Air Transfer Vent is a fully passive vent design, i.e. it contains no moving parts, no detector activating system and no cabling.
The technology allows fully passive fire dampers to perform in fires just as you expect from fire rated wall construction: Instant action, integrity (E), insulation (I).
It offers a passive substitute for mechanical fire damper air terminals and in ductwork application.

The vent protects against spread by direct flaming, leap frog fire, sustained fire, deflagration or ignition of un-burnt gas to protected side.
The FB technology employs multiple mechanisms to prevent fire spread instant and throughout the fire rating period. No ignition will be possible at the unexposed side from the first second throughout the fire rating period.

The vent design maximizes convective heat transfer by hot gases to solid surfaces.
Solid components act as heat sinks, efficiently cooling the smoke temperature below ignition temperatures.
As hot gases are cooled, intumecent material is heated and expands until the vent is sealed.
Insulating part and air gaps are carefully designed for thermal break performance.

FB Air transfer Vents are made solely from non-corrosive materials and do not need any routine testing or maintenance to ensure that they function as they should. A visual inspection should be done regularly to insure that the perforated stainless steel grille system has not been clogged up by dust, insects etc. that could obstruct the air-flow. Cleaning is easily done with a vacuum cleaner.

FB Air Transfer Vents can be ordered in standard sizes according to the table below.
Special measurements can be made up to 600x600mm.

Louvres – must be ordered separately


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