FB Õõnsuste tuulutusvõrk

  •  Ventileeriv tuletõke õõnsustele fassaadlaudise taha ja katusele
  •  Lahendab vajaliku tulekindluse ja ventilatsiooni lihtsal ja odaval viisil
  •  Tagab vajaliku ventilatsiooni
  •  Blokeerib tule leviku õõnsustes hetkega
  •  Tulekindlusklass EI30 / EI60 / EI90

Tulekahjud, mis levivad fassaadi välispinna all, on suureks väljakutseks tuletõrjujatele; kuna on raske välja selgitada kus on tegelik tulekolle ja sellele on raske ligi pääseda.

Siiani ei ole praktilisi tuleohutuslahendusi, et ventileerida õõnsusi konstruktsioonis. Statistika ja reaalsed tulekahjud näitavad, et tuleohutust tuleks tõsta kaitstes tule levikut läbi võimalike õõnsuste. Statistilised andmed ja reaalsed tulekahjud seisnevad suuremates ohutusnõuete täitmises, kaitsesid lekkevoogusid ja õõnsusi ehituses.
Norra ettevõte Securo pakub sellele lahendust.


Fires that spread underneath the façade cladding, represent a major challenge for the fire brigade; since is it difficult to identify where it actually is burning and is often difficult to get aceess to.

So far no practical fire safe solution has been known to vent voids or cavities inside constructions. Statistics and real fire situations point at increased safety benefits by protecting leakage gaps and cavity in construction.
Norwegian company Securo offers a solution to this.

With the FB Cavity Vent, Securo has developed a new set of applications specially designed for establishing vented fire barriers in voids or cavities behind the cladding on façades or inside fire rated walls and floors.
FB Cavity vents provide ample ventilation of construction yet instantly prevent fire from spreading. These are the only products available for uncompromising fire safe venting of voids and cavities in constructions.

FB Cavity Vent is a fully passive vent design, i.e. it contains no moving parts, no detector activating system and no cabling.
The vent protects against spread by direct flaming, leap frog fire, sustained fire, deflagration of ignition of un-burnt gas to protected side.
The FB Technology employs multiple mechanisms of heat transfer blocking of fire to prevent fire spread instantaneous and throughout the fire resistance rating period. No ignition will be possible at the unexposed side from the first millisecond throughout the fire rating period.
The vent design maximizes convective heat transfer by hot gases to solid surfaces. As hot gases are cooled, intumecent material is heated accordingly. Solid components act as secondary heat sinks efficiently cooling the smoke temperature below ignition temperatures of typical fuels until intumecent sealing is completed. Insulating parts and air gaps are carefully designed for thermal break performance.

FB Cavity Vents are made solely from non-corrosive materials and do not need any routine testing or maintenance to ensure that they
function in case of fire.

Cavity vents:

  • Solves the need for firesafe ventilation in an easy and cheap way
  • Ensures the necessary ventilation
  • Blocks instantaneous fire spread in cavities
  • Fire resistance EI30 / EI60 / EI90


  • Behind ventilated façade cladding
  • Vents in the roof / attic
  • Other cavities in the structure
  • Floor separates

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