Rasto Basic Kit

Art. Nr.: 126005
Invis Mx2 puurimisrakis
Hind km-ta: 119,19 €
Hind km-ga:143,03 €
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Rasto puurimisrakis võimaldab täpset puurimist ilma, et oleks vaja teha märkeid detailidele. Sobib ideaalselt Invis Mx ühendustele ja ka paljudele teistele.

Komplekt sisaldab:

- läbipaistev perforeeritud rakis

- 4 puurimispuksi Ø5 , 8, 10 ja 12mm

- 3 positsioneerimispolti

- 1 kinnituskruvi



Rasto is a universal drill jig to complement Invis Mx and is particularly suitable for handrails. Constantly changing shapes make gauge construction a complex and elaborate process. Rasto represents the ideal solution to this problem, with no measuring or marking. Thanks to three positioning pins that can be inserted into 180 holes, the drill jig can be mounted securely on virtually any surface. The drilled holes always align perfectly because the pin positions remain unchanged when drilling the second work piece.


  • The positioning pins are inserted into three 5 mm holes in the grid so that the two large holes are in the correct position
  • Then screw in a headed drill bushing (e.g. 12 mm) and drill the first work piece
  • Unscrew the headed drill bushing and fix it to the same hole from the other side
  • Drill the second work piece without changing the position of the bolts


  • Quick and precise drilling
  • Drill any work piece shape
  • Drill without measuring or marking
  • Transparent material for aligning to pencil marks when drilling work pieces with different shapes
  • No need to adjust the depth adjuster due to the Invis Mx spacer
  • Markings for drill holes at centre of 16 and 19 mm panels
  • Markings for kitchen hinge holes
  • Ability to mount the drill jigs on an 8 mm connecting rod for fixed spacing


  • 8, 10 or 12 mm holes for Invis Mx or dowels
  • 5 mm holes in 32 mm grid for kitchen handles or kitchen hinges
  • Handrail connections
  • Table leg connections
  • Drill holes at centre of work piece
  • Accurate expansion of a 5 mm hole to 12 mm

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