Minispot G20 S2

Art. Nr.: 111750
Puidupaigafrees G20 laevukestele
Hind km-ta: 1652,90 €
Hind km-ga:1983,48 €
Küsi selle toote kohta küsimus

Toote andmed:

  • kaal: 4,4 kg
  • võimsus: 1000 W
  • pinge: 220 V
  • lõikur: puudub
  • maksimaalne soone sügavus: 20 mm

Toote omadused:

  • puidu defektide parandamiseks
  • sobivad puidupaigad nr 2, 4, 8, 15, 20, 22
  • libisemist takistav tald
  • tänu vaateavale lihtne vajalikule kohale asetada

G20 S2


G20 S2 is the Minispot grooving machine for milling out knots, resin pockets or damaged areas of all sizes up to a width of 20 mm. For each Minispot patch, the corresponding cutter is used. The transparent rear cover enables accurate positioning of the G20 S2 over the relevant area, thus ensuring a perfect repair. The angled stop in the accessories range is used to cut grooves in edges. A milling jig is also available and can be used to cut grooves for 85, 250 and 500 mm long patching rods.

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